Contributing a patch to Drush

  • The Drubuntu Drupal development environment for Ubuntu already installed Drush in my workspace at ~/workspace/drush, so when cloning the Drush project to work on it i jokingly called it drush8 since the goal of my patch is Drupal 8 compatibility for the site-install command.

    cd ~/workspace
    git clone --branch master drush8
    cd drush8
    git checkout -b 1111086-drush-site-install-drupal-8-compatibility
    # Make changes, for instance gvim commands/core/ and others.
    git add .
    git commit -m "Drupal 8 compatibility (for key core contributor commands, starting with site-install)."
    # If it took you a while to make those changes, and even if not,
    # it is a good habit to check that your changes still apply:
    git fetch origin
    git rebase origin/master
    git format-patch origin/master --stdout >  1111086-drush-site-install-drupal-8-compatibility-1.patch

    Now after all that automated command line goodness, you still have to go to your browser and attach your patch to the issue!