26. Drush


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  • Drush is the Drupal shell – it is at the same time a toolbox full of useful utilities and a scripting environment to help you quickly divide, conquer and control your Drupal sites.

    This chapter will show you how to:

    • Get up and running quickly with Drush by setting up some basic configuration options and defining an alias or two for the Drupal sites you're working on.
    • Speed up your Drupal site maintenance at the command line with Drush shell enhancements.
    • Apply code updates to Drupal core and your installed modules.
    • Install Drush extensions to add even more power to Drush.
    • Go more in-depth with Drush configuration to further streamline your environment.
    • Deploy a site with Drush, and then safely copy back user-contributed content from the live site for further testing and development offline.
    • Write shell scripts with Drush.
    • Extend Drush by writing your own Drush commands.


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    The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7, Chapter 26 - Drush


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