32. User Experience


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  • [draft outline]
    The Theory

    Human behavior
    As much as you like to code stuff. In the end it's about the people using it:
    They muddle around, don't want to think but achieve goals etc.
    They are not interested in the implementation model

    Principles (are not rules)

    Unify UX across core and contrib

    Dont design for yourself or other module builders (but for…)

    Don't assume, test on actual peoples


    Focus on the essentials (say no!)

    How to make informed design decisions (usability test data)

    Designing with limited resources

    The Practice

    Designing module x
    - concept: what are you really making?
    - wireframe it (and keep iterating on it)
    - verify it to core patterns
    - build it
    - test it
    - copywriting for module x

    Using core interaction models
    - Check the basics! (tables, tabs, actions, layout your settings page…)
    - Contextual links
    - Vertical tabs

    The details

    Information Architecture
    Organising it all correctly; where do you add your admin link?

    Verify your patterns to core
    Dont do anything too different – you are not that special

    Evaluate in context
    Perform a user test
    Which other modules are you likely to interact with?

    Contribute to Drupal UX

    Ask questions, sollicit feedback
    Where to go:

    Contributing to core

    It's different…
    Where to go: