Installing spam protection

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Submitted by Benjamin Melançon on 2010, September 30 - 14:57
  • We started getting a spam registration a minute – granted, only for a couple minutes – but it was still worrying enough to look for some anti-spam firepower.

    drush dl mollom

    Push the changes to our live site.

    Enable Mollom at admin/modules.

    Register the site at

    Copy the API keys for public and private to the Mollom settings page on our site, admin/config/content/mollom/settings


    hmm. It tells us "The configured Mollom API keys are invalid."

    Check the Mollom issue queue ( to see if anyone else is being told valid keys are invalid.

    Since no one else is having this problem, it's probably not the module but our Mollom account. We send a polite e-mail to Mollom reporting this problem.

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